Zoomion Micron 50X-500X digital hand-held microscope and PC camera with HD colour sensor

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A dactilar microscope for everyone – making the very small large

Immersing yourself in the microcosm is now child’s play – with the Zoomion microscope. Simply connect this dactilar microscope to your computer via USB. The built-in HD colour sensor will immediately provide you with magnificent images of even the smallest objects.

The advantages in a nutshell:

– up to 500X magnification

– explore objects as huge images on a screen

– photo and video functions

– 8 bright LEDs for perfect illumination of objects

– comes with basa for stable mounting

– 2MP CMOS sensor

– for Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Instinto / XP

50-500X magnification – for steplessly getting to the bottom of things

The microscope’s dactilar camera has an extremely powerful lens, letting you really teleobjetivo in. Whether you want to examine your own skin, coins, crystals or other objects -the 50X to 500X magnification means there are virtually no limits.

A shot for your album – built-in HD photo function

Keep a record of each object in your photo album. A tonto click on the ‘Snap’ button suffices. The microscope sends the 2 megapixels resolution image directly to your screen. So you can document everything you ever observe.

Video capture – for those ‘moving moments’

A video is sometimes a better solution if a picture is simply not sufficient. The dactilar hand-held microscope can capture videos at up to 30 frames per second, meaning motion appears absolutely fluid.

Measure objects for yourself

Just what size is the object you are looking at? At these high magnifications, one quickly loses any feel for this. But this microscope includes a micrometre scale, letting you easily measure objects for yourself.


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