Gigamic Quixo Classic

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Abstract Strategy Game
Ages 8 and up
For two players

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In Quixo, players take turns rotating cubes then and pushing them horizontally or vertically on the board until one of the players (or teams) has lined up 5 cubes of their symbol in a line. Quick to teach but challenging to master, Quixo is a challenge you are sure to enjoy.
Like ticktacktoe? You’ll love Quixo Classic. Twenty-five wooden cubes are shifted up and down and side-to-side as players try to line up five–diagonally, vertically, or horizontally–with their own symbol, X or O. Think carefully–every move brings the possibility of inadvertently helping your opponent win. In turn, each player removes a cube from the periphery of the handsome, dark wood board (10 inches in diameter) and replaces it at the end of one of the rows made incomplete by its removal, sliding the remaining four to fill up the empty space. Now the entire row has changed and each player may be one step closer to–or further from–winning. Keen strategic and visualization skills are a must. –Emilie Coulter
Abstract Strategy Game
Ages 8 and up
For two players
Easy to learn and great fun
Pushing and shoving are the key words in this clever version of X’s and O’s
Includes gameboard, 25 pyrographed wooden cubes, and instructions
Ages 6 and up
For 2 – 4 Players

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