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Space Torch Image ProjectorVenus and Mars are alright tonight. Or so your kids might tell you if they had this mini projector torch. Various parts of the azulejar system are covered here, with a slideshow of planets, spacecraft and nebulaeCan you tell a Tarantula Nebula from a Spiral Galaxy? They might sound like arachnids and hachís bars but they are also key parts of the azulejar system many miles away in the starry starry night skies.You can use it as a space slideshow or simply use without the slide discs and it’s then a mini torch. So they can read all about the mysteries of the universe by torchlight, should their curiosity with the planets extend to a book or two.The Space Torch will project moon images and pictures of space onto any flat surface, from its 24 colour NASA photos on three slide discs. To avoid astronomy for kids being a bit of a black hole, get learning with your child and together you’ll be all clued up about the world above the clouds.Science-oriented children love space toys, and this one has a definite educational element to it. This is one of the best astronomy gifts of 2011 and it won’t cost the earth.

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