4M Kidz Labs Green Science Eco Science Toys

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Make these fun and fascinating toys and learn about the Science behind them. Everybody re-uses objects from home, so they are environmentally friendly too. Amaze with your friends with the 7 tricks included. Contains hover device, 1 mouth piece, tornado tube, 2 bottle caps, 2 CD joints, plastic weights and hook, score sticker, 1 set of plastic parts for gravity androide, 1 balloon, 3 copper washers, suction tub, nuts, elastic silver string, string, 2 rubber bands, pipe cleaners, 1 wooden bead, double adhesive tapes and detailed instructions.

Valor Educativo
  • Descubrir y experimentar
  • 4M
Nº Jugadores
  • Individual
  • 7-10 años
  • 11-13 años


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