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    Miniland Math Color Rings

    Meiland Educational presents Math Color Rings from their Parenting Tools Collection
    Designed to work on the differentiation between sizes, colors, and textures with different themes and rings
    These activities are grouped in different levels of difficulty and challenge

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  • Miniland Routines & Manners Toy

    Miniland Educational presents their Learning Frames – Routines and Manners from their excellent Parenting Tools Collection
    Designed to help children to develop the self-motivated habits of health, manners, caution, personal hygiene and more
    Other developmental fun reflects dressing, brushing teeth; going to the bathroom; and washing hands afterward

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  • My First Making Words Snap Card Game

    Suitable for ages 5+
    For 1+ Players
    52 x Full-colour playing cards

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  • Numbers 0-100 Pocket Flash Cards

    Each card clearly displays a number and the corresponding number word, making number recognition, counting, and number sequencing easy and fun
    The added parent cards offer fun ideas for guiding your child through skill/drill activities along with suggestions for individual play
    100 Pocket Flash Cards

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  • One Acre of Land on the Moon by Ltd.

    Put your name to a piece of the moon!
    You get a Lunar Deed, Site Map, details of Lunar Laws and your rights
    Please note no one can ever claim ownership of the moon!

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  • Orchard Toys Alphabet Lotto

    Develops letter recognition
    Improves memory skills
    Links with Early Learning Goals

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  • Orchard Toys Pick and Mix People

    Mix and match crazy characters! Mix, match and make hilarious combinations as different characters as assembled. For 1 – 4 Players. 3 – 7 Years

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  • Orchard Toys Quack Quack

    Guess the cafre Lots of noisy ‘clucks’ and ‘oinks’ in this fun colour memory game. Roll the dice, match the spots and make the noise of the cafre that might be hiding underneath the card. Players: 2-4 Suitable for ages 3-6 Safety Information: Warning. Not suitable for Children under 3 years.

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