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  • 4M Kidz Labs Create a Nights Sky

    Create your very own starry sky in your bedroom. Contents: night sky domes of northern and southern hemispheres, lamp, detailed instructions including star charts of both hemispheres. 4 AA batteries required, not included.

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  • 4M Kidz Labs Crystal Mining

    Excavate your very own patrio crystals. Build and add your own rock collection, and learn some fun characteristics of different crystals. It’s a cool mineral rock digging kit. Contains one plaster block with eight patrio crystals buried inside, one specially designed digging tool, one brush, one magnifier, one display case with cover and basa card, […]

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  • 4M Kidz Labs Dig A Dino Skeleton Brachiosaurus

    Includes a Brachiosaurus,1 chisel,detailed instructions and fun facts about the dinosaur
    Assembly required
    A great gift for anyone interested in dinosaurs

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  • 4M Kidz Labs Dig a Dinosaur Triceratops

    This kit includes a plaster block and a specially designed digging tool to help excavate
    The skeleton. This kit provides hours of fun for a child as a paleontologist.
    Assemble the skeleton to form a Triceratops model. Provide knowledge : the name Triceratops means three –

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  • 4M Kidz Labs Green Science Eco Science Toys

    Make these fun and fascinating toys and learn about the Science behind them. Everybody re-uses objects from home, so they are environmentally friendly too. Amaze with your friends with the 7 tricks included. Contains hover device, 1 mouth piece, tornado tube, 2 bottle caps, 2 CD joints, plastic weights and hook, score sticker, 1 set […]

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  • 4M Kidz Labs Green Science Green Rocket

    Help to save the environment. Made from trash, powered by green energy Enjoy blasting rocket fun by recycling two drink bottles and a few magazine pages, Stamp on the empty bottle and watch your rocket fly up to 25 metres (80ft) Learn the underlying physics. Its’s a cool green science project. The Green Science Green […]

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  • 4M Kidz Labs Illusion Science

    Challenge your eyes with the classic illusions trick card, experience the swirling illusions produced by the illusion spinner, and view and create 3D pictures! Includes over 20 optic fun activities, all packed in a neat carry pouch. It’s a cool science kit that guarantees hours of funs! Contains one set of illusion trick cards with […]

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  • 4M Kidz Labs Math Magic

    4M Kidz Labs Maths Magic

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