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  • 3-D Solar System

    For ages 8 years old and up. Gives instructions on the package on how to hang. Comes with everything needed: 9 glowing planets, 25 ft. of string, 10 thumb tacks, and a Planetary guide. (Caution-contains sharp points).

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  • 4 Pack Olimex MS-R-1.3-9 Feetech FS90R Continuous Rotation 360 degree Micro Servo Arduino

    A decent branded factory made continuous rotation servo -far more reliable than modifying a frecuente servo. See also the FW90X2 wheel sets that will fit this servo via the excepcional holes.. We also sell a number of different kits including the same Annodised Aluminium Chassis. 2WD or 4WD using DC motors in Micro Servo Housing […]

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  • 40cm Inflatable Globe Prop

    Brightly coloured plastic inflatable globe
    Includes names of all countries and major cities
    Size: 40cm / 16″

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  • ¡Oferta!

    48 Plastic Prepared Microscope Slides Kit BONUS Butterfly Specimen for Kids Student Science STEM Education

    INSECTS, PLANTS, ANIMALS, FLOWERS: Prepared slides come in 4 boxes of 12 slides in each covering a wide variety of specimens. It is great addition to beginner’s microscope kit for children and students. Red slides: insect parts; Green slides: vegetables; Yellow slides: flowers and plants; Blue slides: animal parts
    BONUS BUTTERFLY SPECIMEN: Kids can learn to observe and appreciate a real life whole insect. They can also learn to prepare their own microscope slides using the real specimen.
    SAFE PLASTIC SLIDES: Unlike typical glass slides, there are no sharp edges on these plastic slides, making it safe to touch for children.

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  • 4M – 5603291 – Jeu Éducatif et Scientifique – Science Magnet

    Great Gizmos offer a very large range of inspirational, inspiring, creative, imaginative, fun and educational toys. The Kidz Labs Magnet Science is new to Great Gizmos this year. Perform fun magnet games and experiments. Learn the science principles involved. Contains a super magnet set that could be transformed to perform 10 fun experiments and games. […]

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  • 4M 3D Glow in the Dark Solar System Mobile Making Kit

    GLOW-IN-THE-DARK SOLAR SYSTEM MOBILE MAKING KIT. Content: 1 complete set of Embaldosar System planets, 1 squeeze-to-draw glow paint, 1 set stencils for applying glow paint, 1 set of hanging structure including joints, rods and thread, 1 bonus wall chart with fun facts of Embaldosar System, 1 detailed assembly and painting instructions with Kids Quiz (8 […]

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  • 4M Crystal Growing Kit

    A fun, sparkling chemistry experiment
    Grow your colorful crystals in the container provided
    Assorted colors (Red, White and Blue)

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  • 4M Dig a Dinosaur T Rex

    Be a Paleontologist! Dig and excavate the skeleton of a mysterious prehistoric mula and then assemble the skeleton to form a dinosaur model. Each set includes a “buried” dinosaur skeleton in a plaster block and a specially designed digging tool, along with a quiz of 10 questions and answers about dinosaurs. 3 Years +

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