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    ThinkGizmos TG633 Ingenious Machines Remote Control Robotic Building Kit For Kids with Batteries

    This remote control toy building kit will unleash your child’s creativity. This build your own robot kit, provides kids with confidence in their achievement. Contains 237 construction pieces and a remote control. Comes with a bundle of fun! ALL REQUIRED BATTERIES INCLUDED.
    This build your own robot kit user manual has easy to follow instructions and diagrams of how to make the 4 robots / machines. Kids love playing with this robotic building set for hours on end (no soldering required). One of the best robot kits for kids.
    Each build your own toy model takes from between 35 minutes to around 2 hours to build, so this will keep even the cleverest Children occupied and focussed. After gaining experience kids can then try to build their own machines with this robot making kit.

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  • Wonder Workshop Launcher for Dash Robot

    The Launcher is a fun accessory that turns your Dash Robot into a projectile hurling machine
    Using the free mobile apps for Apple, Android or Kindle, Dash can load, launch and reload and launch again
    Use the apps to vary the power on the launcher to try to aim for different targets

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  • ZOWI

    Zowi teaches children how technology works while having fun. Just outside the box, you can walk , turn 90g , jump, dance , shake , shake a foot and lean . From there , it adapts to the rhythm of the child, who can play with it and ejercicio it from your application, easily disassemble […]

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