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  • Construction Kit Stonehenge

    Here’s one of the most enigmatic relics from the ancient times, finally recreated as a model! Mix the gypsum (3 x 200 g) with some water, pour out the included forms, emphasize the mass smoothly and let it harden
    Decorate the elements with the included 6 colours, paint the rubber-foam base and then fix those elements with glue – finished!

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  • Egyptians

    Featuring more than 200 questions with different levels of difficulty
    2 to 4 players
    Multi cultural game

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  • Green Board Games BrainBox British History

    Suitable for ages 8+
    1+ players
    Includes 54 cards, timer, 8-sided die and rules card

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  • ¡Oferta!

    Pathfinders Leonardo da Vinci Premium Aerial Screw (Helicopter Flying Machine) Wood Model Kit

    We believe in nurturing a child’s natural curiosity and that learning can be fun. Designed by a science educator, our Aerial Screw model kit allows you to explore science and history by building one of Leonardo da Vinci’s most iconic images.
    A great build from beginner to advanced (ages 9+), this kit will keep you and your loved ones entertained for 1-3 hours and can be displayed once completed.
    Quality is important to us, so our models are made from laser-cut wood and not plastic. They have a great finished look, are sturdy and the pieces fit together perfectly

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