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  • Classic Spy Pens – Invisible Ink Pen Set

    Classic Spy Pens – Invisible Ink Pen Set Secret Agent invisible ink pens for secret messages. A white pen to write with invisible ink and a black pen to rub over the invisible words to reveal them.

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  • Clementoni: Detective Lab

    Includes snap fasteners, plaster of paris (calcium sulphate)
    shiny black fingerprint detector, sponge, paint pot (blue finger paint)
    cardboard for DNA samples, secret code dials

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  • Die drei ??? UV-Lichtcode (drei Fragezeichen)

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  • Fingerprint Kit

    contains ‘inkless’ fingerprint pad
    12 blank fingerprint recording sheets
    booklet – guide to fingerprinting

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  • ¡Oferta!

    Frontier safe – steel safe with combination lock (blue, black or red)

    The Metal Money Box Safe with Combination Lock is a durable black tough 100% metal money box with an extra-secure dual movement combination lock!
    The Metal Money Box Safe with Combination Lock features a little coin slot in the top to slip your pennies and pounds through!
    The Metal Money Box Safe with Combination Lock requires you to enter your unique multi-number combination lock code to be able to retrieve your hard saved stash! You can find your combination lock code on the base of the unit

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  • Gibsons Games 221B Baker Street The Master Detective Game

    221b Baker Street – The Master Inspector Game

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  • Grafix CSF Crime Scene Forensics

    Grafix CSF Crime Scene Forensics Lock down the scene, assess the situation and solve the crime Contains impression clay plaster of paris evidence bag 1 chalk 2 impressions crime scene card finger print info sheet finger print sheet witness statements sabueso statements crime scene tape large evidence bag 5 crime scene markers 2 evidence rulers […]

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  • John Adams New Scotland Yard Impression Kit

    Detect, lift, record and examine fingerprints and use your new skills to help New Scotland Yard solve a murder
    Developed alongside real NSY Crime Officers
    Learn the techniques behind this important crime solving

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