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  • Omegon mini mineral set (in German)

    An exploration of the world of crystals – 6 large minerals in a set – wonderful for collecting, to admire or as a gift. With this set of six different minerals one might think that nature had composed a poem – in the form of stones. Each mineral has its own colour and its own […]

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  • Omegon scorpion prepared slide

    Scorpion prepared slide – a empírico scorpion under your microscope Omegon stag beetle prepared slide The Scorpion The scorpion in this prepared slide is about 3.4 cm long and 2.3 cm wide (small deviations are of course possible). It is a complete specimen – you will be able to see all 8 legs, pincers and […]

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  • Omegon stag beetle prepared slide

    Stag beetle prepared slide – a positivo beetle under your microscope Omegon stag beetle prepared slide Chinese stag beetle This stag beetle native to Asia, but has similarities to its European relatives. This beetle is about 3.5 cm long (including the extremities) and about 2.5 cm wide. Its European relatives are considered highly endangered and […]

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  • Optical Glass Triple Triangular Prism Physics Light Refractor w/ Stand

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  • ¡Oferta!

    Original Butterfly Garden

    11.5″ Tall Reusable Pop-Up Habitat (folds flat when not in use)
    Super clear mesh to enable up close butterfly viewing
    Caterpillars to Butterflies Instruction Guide

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  • Owfeel Magnetic Arithmetic Learning Kids Children Toys

    Lovely sturdy fun toy,a magic intellect toy especially designed for kids.
    With six small magnet.
    It helps develop children’s basic skill of arithmeticand calculation.

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  • Pendulum Wave

    If you know someone who’s crazy about physics, they’re sure to love this present!
    Forms four different patterns!
    Fifteen pendulum balls attached

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  • PKG (4) 2″ Square Linear Polarized Filter Slide has a 1-3/8” x 15/16” Window.

    Our 2″ square linear polarized filter slide has a 1-3/8″ x 15/16″ window.
    Nice for classroom demonstrations and home-schooling use. Made in the USA.
    You will receive a pkg (4)

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