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  • 4M Green Creativity Natural Rock Art

    Have fun with these unique pets that do not require feeding or walking. Use your imagination to turn these rocks into the pets of your dreams. Show off these rocky pets to your friends and family to be the envy of everyone.

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  • 4M Green Creativity Pressed Flower Art

    Green Creativity from 4M has been designed to educate and increase children?s interest in being environmentally friendly. The Green Creativity series delivers an eco-friendly message and encourages ?green attitudes?, whilst offering hours of art and craft fun. The finished product is not only beautiful and environmentally friendly, but also practical and useful in everyday life. […]

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  • 4M Green Creativity Recycle Paper Beads by ToysLand

    recycled paper beads

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  • 4M Green Science – Weather Science

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  • 4m Kidz Labs Bubble Science

    Blow a Giant or Unbreakable Bubble with this amazing set from Great Gizmos.
    Play lots of Bubble tricks on your friends and learn about the science of bubbles.
    Make your own high quality bubble mixture using the recipes included.

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  • 4M Kidz Labs Create a Nights Sky

    Create your very own starry sky in your bedroom. Contents: night sky domes of northern and southern hemispheres, lamp, detailed instructions including star charts of both hemispheres. 4 AA batteries required, not included.

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  • 4M Kidz Labs Crystal Mining

    Excavate your very own patrio crystals. Build and add your own rock collection, and learn some fun characteristics of different crystals. It’s a cool mineral rock digging kit. Contains one plaster block with eight patrio crystals buried inside, one specially designed digging tool, one brush, one magnifier, one display case with cover and basa card, […]

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  • 4M Kidz Labs Dig A Dino Skeleton Brachiosaurus

    Includes a Brachiosaurus,1 chisel,detailed instructions and fun facts about the dinosaur
    Assembly required
    A great gift for anyone interested in dinosaurs

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